Duckling Room

Welcome to the Ducklings room (Ages 0 - 15 months)

A message from Hannah 

Hi! my name is Hannah Hopkinson, I am Duckling Rooms Supervisor, i hold a Level 3 Nursery practitioners qualification and NVQ 3 level in child learning and development 

In the duckling room with me  we have Jessica Lowis who is level 3 qualified & a full time member of staff, Samantha Richardson who is also level 3 qualified and works 2 days a week. Laura Mountford works 2 days a week, she is level 2 qualified, Marie Boulton who works 3 days a week and is level 3 qualified. We also have Samantha Pointon & Laura Evans who are currently on maternity leave. Our room can hold upto 15 babies from the ages of 6 weeks to 14 months. We enjoy getting very messy with lots of different sensory play. We also love to sing and dance in Duckling Room. I hope to see you soon.

Hannah x

Duckling Room staff members 

Jessica Edgington-Plunkett

Duckling Room Supervisor (Hannah's maternity cover)

Marie Boulton

Bethany Palmer

Jessica Lowis (on Maternity Leave)

Samantha Richardson

Laura Mountford


  • Maximum 15 babies
  • Room area - 53.8 M Sq
  • Child ratio - 1 staff to 3 children
  • Room Supervisor - Hannah Hopkinson
  • Room staff - Samantha Richardson - level 3, Jessica Lowis - Level 3, Laura Mountford - Level 2 , Marie Boulton - Level 3, Bethany Palmer - Level 3
  • Milk kitchen area with fridge/Sterilising equipment
  • Nappy changing facility
  • Low level windows
  • Fire Exit Door

We offer a warm, bright, caring, stimulating environment, providing a variety of activities for your baby, such as sand, water play, painting, treasure baskets, going out for walks and trips plus much, much more. We will tend to your Child's every need throughout the day keeping them, healthy, safe, happy, entertained and loved until home time.

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