Little Bear Room

Welcome to the Little Bear Room (Aged 1 - 2 years)

Hi I'm Danielle Reynolds , I am the room supervisor for Little Bear I would like you to meet my wonderful staff members  

Jessica Davies (on maternity leave)

Katie Nutall

Laura Evans

Ella Platt 

  • Maximum 9 children
  • Room area - 36.11 M Sq
  • Child ratio - 1 staff to 3 children
  • Room supervisor - Danielle Reynolds
  • Room staff - Danielle Reynolds Level 3, Jess Davies 3, Laura Evans Level 3, Katie Nutall level 3, Ella Platt Level 2 
  • Sink/Fridge area
  • Nappy change and toilet facilities
  • Low level windows
  • Fire exit door
  • Eating area

Within the Little Bear Room, we help your child to develop confidence in mobility, social skills, creative skills and language skills, through our varied creative and imaginative activities, song time, outdoor play, mealtimes and daily routine, whilst ensuring that the learning environment is fun, safe, loving and challenging.

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