Bramwell bear room

Welcome to the Bramwell Bear Room (Aged 24 months - 2 1/2 Years)

A message from Natasha

Hello my name is Natasha Henson I am the room supervisor for Bramwell Bear I hold a level 3 nursery practitioner qualification and I am a full time member of staff

In Bramwell we can hold upto 16 children between the ages of 2 and 2 1/2 years. We have 5 members of staff within the room, that each have different skills and qualities to offer the children.
Our other staff members are Zoe-Samantha West Francesca has a level 3 qualification and is also a full time member of staff. Sioban Murphy hold s a level 5 qualification and is a part time member of staff and works 3 days a week. Natalie Day is a part time member of staff who works 3 days and is level 2 qualified, Beth palmer is level 3 qualified and a full time member of staff and Cherie is part time and works 2 days a week. 
We love messy activities and enjoy exploring the environment in different ways through active play. We encourage opportunities for the children to express themselves individuals and ensure that their thoughts, views and opinions are valued.
we like to encourage the children to become more independent by providing self service at meal times, and introduce them to potty training when your child is ready.

We like to provide a fun and stimulating environment for your children. I hope to see you soon.

Natasha x

I would like to introduce you to my other members of staff 

Chantelle Braham

Sioban Murphy

Danielle Smith

Rebecca Cope


  • Aged 2 years to 2 1/2 years
  • Room Capacity: 16 children
  • Room area - 40.34 M Sq
  • Child Ratio - 1 staff to 4 children
  • Room supervisor - Natasha Henson
  • Room Staff - Danielle Smith  - Level 3, Chantelle Braham - level 3 , Rebecca Cope - Level 3 , Sioban Murphy - Level 3
  • Sink/Fridge area
  • Nappy change and toilet facilities
  • Low level windows
  • Fire exit door
  • Eating area

We operate a key worker system and each member of staff monitors a child's progress and development and attends to their child's individual needs. 

For children that are ready, we begin potty training, children are offered lots of opportunities throughout the day to use the potty or toilet and are given lots of encouragement, support and praise. 

We have an achievement board which displays individual children's achievements, these are linked to the EYFS framework and transferred into their individual development folder. Each week we carry out observations on each child to monitor achievements and help plan for those next important developmental milestones. 

We have a daily timetable that provides structure to the day. 

Our timetable consists of lots of messy and creative activities, like painting, jelly play, gloop, water play, sand play, pasta play, sticking and lots more. 

Outside play is definitely a favourite with the Bramwell bear room children, we go out every day come rain or shine. We wrap up warm for the winter with hats, scarves and gloves and in the summer we have lots of sunscreen on and our sunhats. We really love it when it rains because we can plash in the puddles in our Wellingtons, (staff included!) We have lots of fun on our out door equipment such as ride in cars, 2 seater trikes, scooters, pull along carts, slides, ride on aeroplanes etc the list is endless! We often go the local parks, Funsters, and exciting bus trips too! 

At meal times we all eat together including staff at the low level tables. Children are encouraged eat independently, wash hands and brush teeth. 

We have a mid morning snack of fruit and a fresh drink is available all day YUM YUM! 

We have very busy days in the Bramwell room so after our dinner we can get rather sleepy, we have our own individual beds and sleep bags with our own blankets and sheets. 

Every day we have circle time where we sit down together on the floor and have lots of fun singing, reading stories and begin to learn about shapes, colours, numbers, body parts, animals and lots, lots more!

Bramwell bear also offer a reading diary scheme to encourage children to read at home 

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