Welcome to the Pre-School (Aged 3 - 5 years)

Hello and and welcome to Jolly tall, we are sure our Jolly Tall Team will make your child nursery experience and amazing one. Our room strives to provide an educational yet fun environment which enables children to fulfil their potential and be the best we can be. all our activities link to the early years foundation stage (EYFS) , this is a document consisting of set guidelines which give a brief outline of what a child should be achieving at their age in all 7 areas. For example, children in pre-school will be achieving the 30-50 months and 40-60 months band.
We look forward to your child being part of our Jolly Tall family and we are excited for you to start the journey leading upto school with us. 

A Message from Francesca

Hello, and a huge welcome to Huggies Pre-School room! I'm Francesca Stevenson BA (Hons) and I have been a part of the Huggies team for 4 years!  I am level 6 qualified and I have taken part in phonics training too.  I am the manager of  the pre-school room I am a full time member of staff. I hold a degree in education and early childhood studies. 
I look forward to seeing you soon.

Fran x


Meet the other Jolly Tall Staff Members 

Julie Mansell

Hello! My name is Julie and I have worked at Huggies for 10 years. I work in Pre-School on a Monday and Tuesday and enjoy messy activities and adult led games. I am a parent of 2 also, and I am level 3 qualified.

Stephanie Macquire

Paige Hurt

  • Maximum 32
  • Room area :
    Room 1 - 33.85 M Sq
    Room 2 - 34.94 M Sq
  • Child ratio - 1 staff to 8 children
  • Room supervisor - Francesca Stevenson BA (Hons) - Level 6 
  • Room Staff - Paige Hurt - Level Level 3, Julie Mansell - Level 3 , Sarah Young - Level 3, Carly Donnelley - Level 6,
  • Sink/fridge area
  • Toilet area with changing facilities
  • Low level windows
  • Fire exit
  • Eating area

We set out to assist all children attending Huggies to attain their maximum potential within their perceived capabilities within a safe, caring and friendly environment. 

An individual record of a Child's development, progress and achievements are completed at set times throughout the year and the progress records follow each child through their journey of learning at Huggies until they leave. 

Staff plan activities and to ensure individual needs and areas of development are worked towards including next steps. 

The parents are welcome to view their Child's records at any time and parents evenings are held 2 times a year. 

All staff are aware of the importance of a stimulating play environment and the importance of developing good social skills and a appreciation of all aspects of the worlds multicultural society.Equal opportunities and inclusive practice run side by side within all activities and routines. The nursery works within the EYFS Framework. 

Parent activity boxes are available in every room.

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